Interdisciplinary | Collaborative | Forward-Thinking

Our interdisciplinary, collaborative, and forward-thinking approach is the cornerstone of our practice.  Our unequivocal advantage lies in understanding that each area of the law informs all others, and that our clients’ legal issues neither arise in a vacuum nor exist in isolation. For that reason, our team utilizes a comprehensive, multi-layered, and analytical method that cuts across legal disciplines and identifies the connection between multiple areas of law, which empowers our attorneys to aggregate their areas of expertise in a collaborative effort to construct the customized solutions that our clients seek. Our team strives to take proactive action, when possible, to preempt legal problems for our clients. We employ an exhaustive approach to ensure that all our clients – foreign and domestic – are in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

This is especially important for our international clients, who are commonly subject to multi-jurisdictional compliance requirements that necessitate a thorough and well-planned approach to ensure that the entities through which they conduct business, and the transactions they enter into, are in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations in all jurisdictions where they conduct business. When preemption is no longer an option and our clients present us with a materialized dispute that needs to be resolved, our interdisciplinary approach has been deployed with success. The attorneys at our firm are sharp, zealous, and forward-thinking in providing counseling and advocacy in a wide range of litigation and alternative dispute resolution matters, including civil and commercial litigation, family litigation, employment litigation, and cross-border disputes where multi-jurisdictional litigation is appropriate.