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From inception through trial, G&F is highly equipped to represent you throughout the litigation process, although our cutting-edge approach to the practice of law frequently enables us to obtain the results our clients seek without the need for an expensive trial. Our team of attorneys have a wealth of experience in litigation and alternative dispute resolution matters ranging from commercial, business, and financial disputes, to other civil matters, including a wide range of tort actions involving, among others, employment disputes, negligence claims, landlord-tenant issues, family matters, and probate disputes.

Because G&F’s attorneys have represented both plaintiffs and defendants in litigation and alternative dispute resolution matters, we fully understand the driving force for both sides and are well suited and prepared to develop, deploy, and effectuate highly strategic conflict resolution strategies that are specifically tailored for every client. Through our interdisciplinary and multi-faceted representation, we protect, preserve, defend, and recover our clients’ rights, interests, and property, whether tangible or intangible. Our  constant and keen awareness of the dynamic and numerous factors involved in every case empowers us to achieve practical and highly favorable results for our clients even in the most complex legal disputes.


Our team of highly-skilled attorneys is always cordial and professional while also being zealous and aggressive in the representation of its clients. At G&F, we make a concerted effort to work closely with our clients throughout every step of the litigation or alternative dispute resolution process and ensure that our clients always have a complete overview and understanding of the status of their case.


In addition to promoting growth, agreements are designed to allocate risk, facilitate enforcement, and ease the burden of proving to certain authorities and institutions – such as the IRS and banks, that the proceeds of your business, and the processes by which it conducts its affairs are, for lack of a better word, kosher. In the case of businesses who operate in multiple jurisdictions, or in the case of businesses who operate in the U.S. but whose owners are non-resident aliens, proper and even exhaustive documentation – in consultation with local counsel abroad – is especially critical in the face of a multitude of tax-collecting authorities and regulating agencies.


A trusted adviser to a range of domestic and international clients, our team works as a critical partner to your business, helping you structure and grow with savvy, creative, and sophisticated legal advice aimed at ensuring that your entity and all its business transactions are in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Structuring your business requires forward-thinking tax and estate planning, a thorough understanding of entity compliance requirements, and experience in drafting agreements governing the rights and obligations of those who own equity in the business. As your business grows, you may need to raise capital, hire others to perform services for you, and enter into agreements with vendors, suppliers, clients, and strategic partners, among others.

Raising capital will typically trigger securities laws and regulations, which, broadly speaking, govern your obligation to provide, and grant your investors the right to receive, all the information an investor is required to have to make a well-informed investment decision. Hiring others to perform services for your business can be more complex than it appears. Employment agreements with C-level employees are usually the result of thorough negotiations that reflect the laws of supply and demand, while newer businesses often ask employees to be compensated with equity or a combination of equity and salary, reflecting an assessment of the risk/reward ratio of working together. Against this backdrop is the need to properly classify those who perform services for your business.


As you continue to grow, your business model with dictate the form that your business transactions take. Whether you grow through a franchise and distribution model, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, the licensing of intellectual property rights, or otherwise, G&F’s experience working with companies of all sizes, in different stages, and in varying industries has positioned G&F well to help our clients overcome the most complex transactions and structure their businesses to grow as intended. Whatever your needs, G&F is a well-rounded starting point for the creation and expansion of your business, from launch to exit.